Black Friday

Sooo of course I shopped. Til I dropped. 

I didn’t get up crazy early or anything, I slept in actually – so much better.

My Black Friday shopping actually began on Thursday night – because I stumbled upon Forever21’s CRAZY AWESOME DEAL. Their entire sale section online was an additional 50% off. WHAT WHAT.

There were 61 pages of items… and I looked through every single one. The result? Well let’s just say it was marvelous, but I’ll save it for a haul video that I’ll hopefully do soon, once the items are shipped to me.

That was Thursday night, but after a good sleep-in on Friday morning, my fiance took me to Forever21 in person (yes, ok, can we notice I’m obsessed and move on), where I bought just a few bits and accessories. 

Our last stop was actually Walgreens – I just love drugstore makeup. It started with me just buying an eyeliner for my mom, but then I ended up getting a few more things due to sales. 

Again, hopefully will be filming a haul soon, so why spoil the goodies now? Details to come!

Oh and also, while I was at Walgreens, this really sweet lady at the cosmetics register told me, “Your eyes are just beautiful. You’re cute as a button, you know that?” 

I thought it was so sweet of her to say that, and thanked her. It reminds me how much I love making people smile or making their day in those small ways. You only have to interact with someone for 5 seconds to make their day special. 5 seconds to compliment someone turns into a memory that makes them happy. I just love that. Especially since it’s the holiday season, I want to be more open with people I interact with. A cashier, a girl passing me, someone in line behind me. What’s the point of being shy when you can make someone smile?



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