New Year Thoughts

It’s the last day of the year!!
This year was a beautiful one for me. So here’s some thoughts I have on 2013:

Favorites this year? Trampolines, pool days, vintage sunglasses, winged eyeliner, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, cute cats, snuggles, being 21, midnight kisses, yummy Mexican food, and being in love.
Losses this year? I lost my godmother, Aunt Betty. I was named after her, and although I never got to know her as much as I wish I had, she was a beautiful, strong woman that everyone loved. She is very much missed.
Gains this year? Another year with my love, a new car (whoop!!!!), and a better understanding of peacefulness and joy.
Highlights of this year? First beach trip with my fiancé in the summer, my 21st birthday, and getting ENGAGED!

I’m super excited for 2014 – it’s the year I will get married, and with that will come plenty of life-changing memories and events. I can’t wait to begin this new part of life. Every year gets better and better.

A New Years resolution? To reach out to people more. Compliment strangers, smile at cashiers and actually talk to them, don’t be afraid to make a 5-min friend instead of just walking past them.

Life is too short to stay confined in your own life bubble, so branch out and meet/talk to someone new every day. You’ll touch their lives and yours.

Also keep this mindset: don’t think “what can I gain?”, think “what do I have to lose?”

Happy 2014!!!


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