First off, I never call it “lunch”. That’s too boring. “Lunchy” and “lunchies” sounds cuter and more fun!!
Anyway, I faced the mental battle today – my simple meal from home, or Chick Fil A right across the street?
Proud to say I went with my meal from home!
I’m drinking V8 Mango Peach Juice, and eating: plain diced chicken with a sprinkle of Less Sodium Soy Sauce, and fresh baby tomatoes.
Once I smelled the chicken after heating it up, I was in heaven. It smelled so flavorful and it was very juicy.
The fancy, entrapping daydreams of chick fil a went out the window.
The tomatoes were also so juicy and sweet – they’ve always been a favorite of mine! Mmm!
So glad I chose to be healthier today – it paid off, and I realized just how delicious my food from home was, once I got rid of the “eating-out-tastes-better” battle. Yay for me!
Healthy eating happens one step at a time!

Random fact: artificial sweeteners are worse than actual sugar and make you gain more weight.




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