Hidden Gem

I work in the city, and right across from my office building is a little group of stores – Staples, Chick Fil A, Panera, etc. In between two large stores, in a small nook you don’t usually notice, is nestled a tiny tiny Starbucks.
I ventured in today in search of a frapp – my love for them doesn’t stop, even in winter! When I got to the counter to order, I found out that they still have pumpkin spice left. And not just a tiny scrape of an amount. A whole bottle.
And instantly. Life is beautiful.
Of course I had to order a venti. NO other starbucks I’ve been to has still had any pumpkin spice left. Not at this time of the year.

Due to this amazing happening, I’ve decided that this unnoticed, tiny starbucks is my personal Hidden Gem.
A Hidden Gem could be anything – a bridge you always walk on to get home, an enchanting street, a view from that one cafe that’s your favorite.
I usually associate Hidden Gems as a place. So now I have my own – the little nook starbucks.

And yes, this whole post is centered around a favorite starbucks drink…. But come on, we all have one.



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