Valentine Gift

Valentines Day was spent with my fiancé, and it was lovely. He treated me to lunch at Panera, and I took him to our favorite little Mexican place for dinner. We both got each other one gift – for him, I got us both tickets to see “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”, which we both rated 5 stars and definitely recommend.
My present was completely unexpected and just perfect. I was SO happy when I unwrapped it!
He got me the Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation by Loreal. Ever since it first came out, I was dying to purchase it – but never justified spending the money, because I currently have so many foundations already.
It truly shows how much my fiancé loves and knows me, that he would remember I wanted something like this. I’d only spoken to him about it maybe twice, and that was months ago.
To top it off, he picked my EXACT skin tone. The foundation is the perfect match to my face.
It couldn’t have been a more perfect valentines day!
I’ll save my review of the foundation for a future blog post/video! 🙂




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