A Thought

So I just wanted to share my latest “makeup face” that I’ve been wearing lately – it’s minimal, but also has touches of glamor and sparkle. Just how I like it. 

I also wanted to share a thought on “beauty”… it’s just something I’ve been thinking about this week. So here goes. 


This is my favorite makeup routine! It’s so spring/summer inspired because I’m longing for the warmer weather! If you want to see what products I used to get this exact look, click HERE

As for the other thought, it just struck me as I scrolled through my twitter that so many of us girls will upload a picture of ourselves onto some form of social media, usually almost every day. That’s bold in itself, putting yourself out there, but then we decide to caption the photo(s) with “wow i look so bad haha”, or if we think our hair looks gorgeous, we say “having a bad hair day guys”.

Now a lot of the time, girls do this to “fish” for compliments, which can be pretty annoying, but other times – most times – we do this subconsciously without realizing it, because culture tells us that if we openly say “I think I look good today” or “I’m beautiful” it’s either vain, bitchy, ridiculous, or selfish. 

So from now on, I’m going to try to get rid of those “cover up captions”, and post what I want to post – if I think my eyes are amazing, I’ll say so, or if I’m feeling sexy, I’ll just say I am. 

I guess I want to not be limited by what culture says I “should” say – but I won’t be bragging or being obnoxious either. There’s a way to do it right, so that’s what my goal is. 



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