My Planner

I’ve been wanting a planner since early February. But I never could find a cute one – there’s no way I’d settle for a brown moleskin planner from Staples!
Then one of my favorite bloggers/youtubers Belinda Selene reviewed her Erin Condren planner she purchased, and that was the inspiration I needed – I searched online until I found the perfect one. I fell in love with it and was willing to pay the painful shipping cost so it could be mine.




I have been using it nonstop and I love to write down fun things as well as to do items, ideas, my schedule, deadlines, etc.

And of course, what makes a planner perfect are the cute, girly supplies to go with. I stocked up on some really adorable ones – my favorites have to be the raised, glittery cupcakes. You can buy tons of supplies for just $1 at Target, such a deal!

I also got the pens, because you HAVE to color coordinate. Each one means something different and it actually is really helpful! Especially if you need to peep into your planner real quick to look at something on the go.

So that’s my planner and everything I use with it – I might even repurchase this planner next year because I love it so much!
OH! And I almost forgot – the size of the planner is perfect for me, because it is actually quite petite. It can fit just right in my small handbags with no problem. I would hate to have a planner that can’t fit in all my bags, seeing as my purses all lean toward the small side.

Anyway, that’s it for this post – off to make some more Sleepy Time tea! πŸ™‚

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