So I’m gonna talk about my latest obsession, which I have probably bored everyone I know to death about. But I can’t help it – when I like something, I don’t just like it. I LOVE it. It’s all in or all out for me! Life is all about being passionate so, I don’t see this as a bad thing. I love being enthusiastic about even the smallest things. It makes me a happier person too!
Ok. Anyway.
Enter “Starbucks Refreshers”. I first heard about these through some friends/random ads and after finding out that they’re back for spring/summer, decided to give them a shot.
These drinks aren’t the most delicious, I’ll admit – but the IDEA of them is what I love. In short, these drinks are just FUN. And THAT is what makes them good.
While the “Very Berry Hibiscus” wasn’t to my liking, I tried the Valencia Orange and I really like the flavor.
Refreshers are a “healthier” option to pick at Starbucks (hello frapps loaded with weight gain), so this also adds to the allure of the summery drink.
My overall thoughts? I am in love with the concept of this summer-spirited tea, and I’m looking forward to trying out the “Strawberry Lemonade” coming soon since it’s more my taste. This drink is fun and just getting one puts a happy pep in my step.


And it has also instilled in me a desire for iced tea. Constantly. Which is why I say I’m obsessed… Because now I’m making plans to always have iced tea packets with me, especially while I’m at work.
And lastly, I love the name Starbucks chose. With spring in full swing and summer on it’s way, who doesn’t want to be Refreshed?


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