Yum In A Cup

So last night, my sister and I decided to try out “infused water”. We got two water bottles, filled them 3/4 full of fruit, and then poured the water in. Then into the fridge they went!
This morning we tried them out, and it’s a success! I’m now drinking mine for breakfast right now. πŸ™‚
I added frozen blueberries and peaches to mine, and I’ll definitely put LESS blueberries in next time – they give it more of a tang than I like. I think I good combo would be peaches and strawberries. There are so many combinations I’m excited to try! It’s great knowing that this type of drink is soo healthy and good for you. Especially if you don’t have enough fruit in your diet. And it’s so easy!
As for a health update, I lost two pounds!! I am so proud of myself and I’m aiming to lose a few more. Persistence pays off!
Okay I’m off to relax before my work day starts and finish up this yummy drink!


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