A Day In My Life: Work Edition

So if you follow my blog or have seen lots of my recent posts, you’ll know I started a little mini post series called “photo jots”. And if you haven’t read them, scroll down and take a peek!
I love doing these little subseries posts on my blog so much, that I’m creating another one. The concept isn’t new, but I’m still excited about it! It’s called “A Day In My Life”. So here’s my first one, and this is the “Work Edition”. Enjoy and thankyou thankyou for 100 followers!!!!!

BEEP BEEP BEEP. At 6:25 a.m., my obnoxious alarm always jolts me from sleep. I have the classic alarm on my iphone, and if you have an iphone you know which one I’m talking about!
I get up and brush my teeth, put in my contacts, all that obvious stuff. I pick an outfit to wear, apply some makeup, fix my hair to looking acceptable, slip on my shoes, and grab my purse.
Today I wore a very laid back look that’s still business casual. It’s hot outside nowadays but I always slip on a cardigan because I’m always cold.
I’m in my car by 6:55, and driving to work by 6:57. I’ve timed it down to the MINUTE to successfully drive in between all the morning traffic patterns.
I get to work at about 7:30, and hang out in the break room until the workday officially starts at 8:00 a.m.

I make myself my favorite iced tea at about 10:50, so that it’s ready to go with me on errands.
At 11, I run errands for my boss. Post office, bank, etc. It takes me just 15-20 mins but it’s always so refreshing to step outside, get a break from work and the office, and stretch out a little bit. On the way back to the office, I like to call my fiancé and tell him goodmorning and that I love himmm (he’s so lucky, gets to sleep in til 12!).

I have my hour-long lunch break at 1, and my fiancé came today to eat lunch with me. 🙂
Soon at 4:45 my work day will end and I’ll get to head home. 🙂 I usually get home at about 5:20. (And then it’s immediate change to pajamas, smoothies, and tv shows in bed).
Another note, im always snacking on something during the day, it’s good to eat small snacks throughout the day and keep your metabolism going, especially when you work in an office like me!
So that’s what my basic workday is like – I hope you enjoyed this different type of post, please LIKE it if you want me to do more or if it was in any way interesting. 🙂 Love you all!


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