I Said Yes To The Dress!

Hi blog world!
I am sooooo excited to blog about this, I don’t know where to start! I’ll have to keep it somewhat short or I’ll go on for way too long. πŸ˜›
This past saturday (5-10-14) I went to Davids Bridal with all my bridesmaids and my mom. I chose Davids Bridal and I’m so glad I did… any bride-to-be out there, I highly recommend them! As soon as we walked in, the whole lovestruck, happy vibe was overwhelming. It really was dreamy. It was so surreal the entire time, I just couldn’t believe I was finally doing what I’ve dreamed of since I was little: shopping for my dream wedding dress.
The ladies were so warmly welcoming and the sweetest ever. As I signed in, I couldn’t help drinking in all the wedding-oriented craziness. Other brides were trying on dresses and people were milling about with piles of shoes and bridesmaid dresses; it was chaos but it was all buzzing with happiness.
I went in with a budget and also specific gowns I loved, and the bridal assistant assigned to me, Adriane, was THE NICEST soul. One thing I noticed, everyone there was so accommodating. There was no attempt to get me to spend more, no pushy agenda, and they all kept saying, “Whatever you want, it’s your wedding and your day. We just want to help it become your dream.” Whatever I wanted, they did it. They also had no timeline for my appointment – they really took their time and told me “We’re here all day long until you’re sure you’ve found your dream dress. No pressure, no rush. Just breathe and enjoy it!”
I bonded so much with my assistant Adriane (and guys, she has Anna’s hair from Frozen! LOVE!), and I can’t wait to go back for the two more fittings/appointments.
In short, I’m 100% satisfied and impressed with David’s Bridal. I trust everyone there and know I’m in good hands. The experience was unforgettable and I didn’t ever want it to end.
My dress I ended up purchasing was the one I wanted all along; it truly is my dream dress. I am so happy, I really don’t have words.
I can’t wait to share the video of me officially saying “yes to the dress” – that’ll have to wait until after my wedding!
Wearing my wedding dress, staring at myself in the mirror on the platform, it really became real that I’m getting married. It was definitely emotional and everyone got teary-eyed. I’m so full of happiness and excitement, and the whole Davids Bridal experience was beautiful.
To end the all-day excursion, all of us girls went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I gave out my official bridesmaid invites. It was a lovely time and I’m so blessed to have every one of the girls (and my mom!) in my life.
My heart feels like it’s going to burst with so much happiness, and with 5 months to go until I say “I do”, the excitement is only going to grow.
A MAJOR thank you to Davids Bridal! They truly did make my dream come true and come to life!!
xoxo, Blair










  1. OMG I can totally relate with this. Im getting married myself too! But mine is this late July. As well as you are, the excitement and happiness grows EVERYDAY, Enjoy it!

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