Through A Different Light

Challenging myself today to look at everything differently – from the way I view the blue sky to the way I perceive a stranger. Consciously thinking of things in a different light is actually really eye-opening and shows you how fascinating details are. It gives you appreciation for this beautiful world and has made me just really happy all day for some reason!
I definitely don’t take in the world as much as I should. I see the world, but I don’t take it in. There’s a difference between acknowledging and appreciating.
Here’s to a week (and weekend) of joyfully TAKING IN THE WORLD and spreading happiness and peacefulness!
So here are pictures from my typical daily errands, but in a different light…



I hope you all have a lovely day! Tell me in the comments what you’ve “taken in” during your regular day (which is actually always an amazing day if you just look closely!!!)


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