Health Update: Some Thoughts

I have watched Annie Jaffrey on youtube for years (if you haven’t seen her videos, check them out! She is one of my favorite inspirational people). But only early this year did I get addicted to her health/recipe/raw lifestyle videos. Now I’ve found myself googling vegetarian recipes, exploring juicing/new foods and alternatives like almond milk, raw til 4 meal plans, etc.
It at first seemed appealing simply because of the healthy/one with nature/self awareness and alertness aspect. I had so much curiosity and wanted to know more.
I watched Earthlings tonight. Well, I only watched the first 30 minutes. At the beginning before it started, I was pretty skeptical that this video would “change me” or change my thinking.
But even watching just 30 minutes was enough. I went out to the kitchen to fix myself lunch for work tomorrow, and the thought of using anything that came from or was an animal made me feel legitimately sick.
I fixed myself a salad with bell peppers, onions, and even looked up an organic Lebanese salad dressing made with herbs.
And let me tell you, it smells HEAVENLY. I’m crazy excited to eat it tomorrow.
An hour before seeing Earthlings, I didn’t know that this meal I made was an option that even existed. I’ve been scouring the fridge all day thinking “ugh there’s nothing to eat.” This shows how dim my view of available healthy recipes is. I want to change that and be aware and know what’s healthy and what I should be putting into my body.
So in conclusion, I want to explore this new concept of eating what the planet’s given us. The reason I say “want to” is because I really, truly am overwhelmed with how to start.
I’ve been soaking in vegan/raw till 4 recipe videos and ideas for about 6 months, learning what I can, but when it comes to figuring out what to eat, I just get lost.
I am very aware of how little I know. It seems like a vast organic world out there that is huge and overwhelming. And just like any diet/eating lifestyle, you need to know what your plan is. Especially in order to get the right amount of nutrients and things.
So…. I’m slowing diving in. First step: eliminate all meats and dairy.
I’ve giving myself a 10 day trial to consciously start substituting veganism into my diet. And from there, I hope I will gain a new lifestyle and shed the old one. I can’t promise there won’t be slip ups and mistakes and maybe even wrong choices due to my lack of knowledge – but I’m learning and growing and it’s a good start. πŸ™‚

My question is, blog world – HELP?!
If you have any beginner/easy vegan meals, snacks, drinks ideas, PLEASE let me know!! You can comment on this post OR follow me on twitter (@MissBlair21) and tweet me suggestions! I’d also LOVE some good book recommendations – I’m starting from the ground up so I really want to learn and soak in information.

Have a good day everyone! Thanks for reading!



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