Coming Back

And againn I’ve been on another blogging break… Ever since July 4th, I’ve had this weird writers block with my blog. I feel like there’s so MUCH I want/need to write about, and in the end when I try to think of what to write, I don’t know where to start!
So instead of stressing about what to post, I simply didn’t, so my blog has gotten a bit ghosty. 0.o
But now let me get back at it.
July 4th was fun, and very chill, I think what I got most excited about this past weekend was the amount of filming I got to do for my youtube channel! Now I’m ahead of schedule with my videos, which feels good. πŸ™‚
There are plenty of makeup/lifestyle things coming up on my blog, I promise I will be back to my more frequent posts now that I’ve got it back under control.
P.s. – Pretty Little Liars is on tonight andd it’s the 100th episode!! FREAKING OUTT


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