Week Catch-Up

It’s been exactly one week since my last post, but it feels like a month! I suppose because so much has happened in the short span of the past 7 days.
On the 14th I left for vacation – visiting my sister Jordan in Florida!! I got there that afternoon. I stayed until Sunday afternoon (the 17th) and even though it was a short 4-day vacation, it was the most amazing time I’ve had in years. And it felt like much longer too!!
I’m really excited to share my vacation with you all, but it will be in video (vlog) form – I will post about them once I have them up!
Which also brings me to the news, that I will be starting a vlog channel. I already have a main channel on youtube for those who didn’t know, which is all about hair, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle.
My vlog channel will be me sharing my world in a more casual, “day in my life” kind of way, which is my favorite! I LOVE vlogging, so I’m SUPER excited!
That’s about it, my past 7 days in a nutshell. I’ll write a nice entry about Florida in my next post, with all the pictures I took.
Hope everyone’s enjoying their day!


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