Makeup Collection, Storage, & Organization

Hello peeps!
Today I’m blogging about my makeup collection.
I am moving to my own place this weekend, (EEEP!!!!) so I REALLY had to downsize my makeup. Also, it needed some serious cleaning and cleansing!
Before, my entire dresser top was piled high with products – most of which I either didn’t use, didn’t like, or didn’t even know I had.
So, as moving forces you to do, I went on a cleaning frenzy!
I went on a quick trip to TJ Maxx, because I had seen some makeup storage pieces there that I liked. I’ll tell you the details about them below – they’re both such a steal!!

So here is my little makeup collection, and how I organize/store it.

This large container was only $20. There were so many different types of organizers, but I gravitated toward this one because of it’s versatile functionality, and I fell in love with the classy clear container, which makes it easy to see everything you have.

This one holds all my eye products and lippies. It was only $10! I had a feeling that I’d need these extra two drawers, and I was right. It fits everything perfectly and again, lovee the clear container.

So that’s my makeup and my storage/organization – if you’d like to see everything in more detail, be sure to watch my youtube video below!


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