My Bridal Shower 09/25/14

What a special day. My bridal shower was this past Saturday, and it was perfect.
My mom organized the whole thing, and it was done completely my style – no structure, no crazy games, no crowds of people – just a small, relaxed, intimate get together with my closest friends.
I spent all day preparing for the shower, which started at 3. It was held at my place, which I loved – it was so easy to let everyone come to me. I decorated the living room and kitchen, cleaned the whole apartment, and then set to make all the food. I prepared a delicious mocktail and also a batch of meatballs in a tangy sauce. Both snacks were gone almost instantly when everyone arrived! I’m glad they were both successful.
The gifts my friends got me were doubly special, because each gift showed just how much they all knew me. I felt so blessed and spoiled and happy, ahhh it was just perfect in every way. I loved just sitting and talking for hours with my closest friends, sisters, and mom.
Dreams come true, and that can definitely be said for this special day. I can’t believe the wedding is in two weeks!







If you want to see my bridal shower vlog, you can watch it below!!


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