My Erin Condren Life Planner

Yes yes, I have hopped on the EC train – I mean honestly, no other brand for planners can even come close!!!
I am so in love with it, and decorating it, organizing my schedule, and collecting supplies has become an extreme hobby. On top of it being fun, a creative outlet, and so cute and girly, it also keeps my life organized and on track. I’m the type of person that feels like writing things down makes them more official, more motivating, and more likely to get done. I have dozens of mini notebooks I used to take to work, to write down all my thoughts and goals and to do lists and appointments. Now I have my planner, which does every note-taking, scheduling, and organizing thing for me. I love it!

I’ve posted a full review of my planner on my channel:

And also filmed a planner supplies haul as well:

And I have so many more videos planned and filmed that are coming!
My favorite part about the newest Life Planner edition is the changeable covers – way too much fun. The levels you can go to to customize everything is incredible.

Here are a few pictures of my planner – I’m going to show ALL of my weekly pages in one video in December on my YouTube channel! Can’t wait πŸ™‚







****Be warned: these planners are no small purchase. I spent a total of about $80 if I’m being honest ($55 for the planner, then I also bought the Erin Condren gel pens and clips with my order – and shipping cost around $10). So it is definitely an INVESTMENT. If you’re just so-so about the whole planner thing, I wouldn’t recommend parting with so much cash, but if you’re like me and have a big passion for it, I can honestly say the price is worth it – this thing is all of your planner dreams in one package.

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love you all! MWAH


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