New Year, New Perspective

Good afternoon! Today is a chilly (20 degrees!!) work day, and I felt like blogging. πŸ™‚
I’m currently snacking on pistachios and snuggling up in my chunky infinity scarf. My office isn’t very well heated so I’ve learned to dress warm!!
Since this new year came along, I realized that I’ve just been very happy and content. And I found that the reason is because of my perspective.
Every day I find something to look forward to. Most days I don’t even realize I do this, it just happens. Maybe it’s because I’m always thinking ahead, always planning something. Whether it’s big or small – meeting a friend, seeing my husband at the end of the day, splurging on a shopping day, planning for the weekend, excited to make a new recipe for dinner – it makes my days brighter, and more exciting.
Tonight’s example: looking forward to a relaxing bath and telling my husband about my crazy work day.
No matter what your “exciting thing” is, I’d definitely encourage everyone to get excited about life, the things big and small. You’ll be amazed how much your days and daily outlook change!
I hope everyone’s New Year is going well!



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