Starbucks Addiction

Yes, this is a post all about Starbucks. I will not apologize.

My addiction/obsession with Starbucks has definitely increased a TON since Fall 2014. Why? Simple: I finally saw the light. πŸ˜‰

My current top 5 drinks to order!

  1. Passion Iced Tea, sweetened, with two or three pumps of raspberry (thank you to Alisha Marie on YouTube for the glorious raspberry tip – omg it changes the entire drink to amazeness!)
  2. Java Chip Frapp with soy milk. You. Guys. I don’t care if you think you don’t like soy milk. Try it in your Java Chip Frapp and I SWEAR, you will be amazed. And hooked. FOR REAL. It makes the frapp even sweeter and adds so much delicious flavor!
  3. Iced Mocha. I am one of those people that just CAN’T like coffee. I just plain don’t even if I try haha. BUT I can definitely do iced coffee with another dominating flavor, and iced mochas are so refreshing!
  4. Green Tea Frapp. I mean, a Frapp + green tea is just a no-brainer!
  5. Peppermint Hot Chocolate. I LOVE anything peppermint and mint, so this is my go-to hot drink for cold days! It is DELICIOUS. And of course, try it with soy milk! MMMMMMMM.

So those are my top choices right now! As you can see, I like mostly iced/cold drinks – even during the winter time!

I have a BIG STARBUCKS CRUSH on the Passion Iced Tea especially. And a venti is only like $2.50? YES PLEASE.

What are YOUR starbucks crushes?






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