Fashion Staple Spotlight

This isn’t a groundbreaking fashion discovery in any way – but rather a little spotlight on something that often gets overlooked: the basic tshirt.

I actually have a shockingly low number of simple basic pieces in my wardrobe, so I’ve been on the hunt recently to stock up. 

While a simple tshirt isn’t what I get all crazy and excited over buying, there is something so satisfying when you buy a piece that you know can work in any season and with countless different styles. You’re really going to get your money’s worth (and I’m all about deals).

During a recent shopping trip to Forever21, I saw a rack of tshirts and randomly decided to check it out. I’m one of those people that likes to feel the texture of everything, so when I picked one up, I was surprised at how comfy, soft, and airy it felt. Into the basket it went.

After wearing the tshirt for a day, I am hooked. It is the most comfortable shirt I’ve worn in a while. The best part? It was $5 (a final $6 with tax). I purchased the black one (as seen in all of this post’s photos), and I am determined to go back and get several more colors. I’ll be totally set when it comes to versatile shirts to choose from.

I should note that while I’m sure the quality of Forever21 isn’t the best, it’ll probably last as long as any other tshirt – and $6 isn’t going to break the bank if you need to repurchase either. And honestly, this tshirt feels amazing when you wear it. So all things considered, I’d highly recommend this item from Forever21 if you’re looking to find some great, budget tshirts for your wardrobe!


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