Some Favorites

This is going to be a jumbled, somewhat random list of current favorites of mine – from locations to accessories. So let’s get right to it!

1. Arm Candy – watches, bangles, bracelets… I have been so into all of them lately! Accessorizing with cute pieces really completes an outfit.  

2. Jumpsuits & Big Purses – jumpsuits are my new favorite thing to wear, I love how they are so versatile. You can dress them up or down. As for bags, the bigger the better! Been so into my larger satchels and purses this summer, and I love my beautiful Anne Klein.

3. Starbucks – Starbucks was of course going to be in here at some point. 😉 Nothing better than going out on a hot summer day for an iced tea, iced latte, or a frappucino!  

4. Outdoor Spots – I’ve been craving being out in the sunshine, and there are a few places that I can’t get enough of, whether it’s to take a reflective walk or hang out with friends and talk.

5. Sandals – these are my favorite and I’ve been wearing them every single day. They are from Charlotte Russe!


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