Desk Details

I’ve recently redone my desk, and although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say it’s fully “finished” (and I love to redesign it all the time anyway), I’ve had this certain theme/design for a few weeks now, and I am in love with it. I keep adding small things and touches here and there, and tweaking things, and switching things around. I can’t help it – designing, organizing, and redoing everything, when it comes to my desk, is an addiction. It’s so much fun to redo a space and give it a whole new look!

fall 12

As you can see, my desk’s theme is very much centered around another one of my current obsessions: GOLD. Gold foil, gold chrome, gold glitter, matte gold, GOLD EVERYTHING. Really, it’s getting out a hand. But I am of the gold train and I can’t get off (nor do I plan on it anytime soon).


I’ve added two cute little festive “trees” as you can see above (only one pictured). I thought they were perfect and also a nice sneaky way to start the Christmas decorating. I snatched them up from the Target dollar spot for $3 each. And I mean, they were GOLD. So.

Also new is the black and white travel sign. It’s from Joann Fabrics; when I saw it my eyes honestly turned to hearts. I had to have it. It was very cheap too! Definitely a good find. It really adds that clean, whimsical and classy touch to all the décor.

If you want to see how my desk looked before I redecorated, you can read about it HERE.

If you want to see my full desk, you can watch THIS VIDEO, which actually will take you along with me as I redecorate it, and show you the finished look!


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