December Craziness

I have been SO busy – what with Christmas, shopping for gifts, and holiday parties piled on top of life’s usual happenings. I had so many posts planned that just never made it because it’s been nonstop since Dec. 1st!

One of the biggest things taking up my time is Vlogmas! I’ve been enjoying it so much and it’s my second year doing it. It’s the 15th and I haven’t missed a day so far, pretty proud of myself! It does get a bit overwhelming at times, balancing my main channel youtube videos, vlogmas, and everything else, but it’s so worth it. I will always be able to look back at the videos and basically see what I did for an entire month! So crazy. If you want to see all my vlogmas videos, you can view the playlist here:

I think for next year, I also want to try to do Blogmas – where you write a blog post every day from Dec. 1st to Christmas. There are so many fun things to blog about during the holidays, so it does make me a bit sad that I didn’t plan for that this year.

I hope everyone’s been having a lovely holiday season, I can’t believe Christmas is next week! I am so not ready, there’s so much to do!




  1. I think that blogmas would be so fun to do! Maybe I’ll do that next year. But I don’t think that you could do blogmas AND vlogmas together…

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