2016 Update

Well hello 2016! 🙂 I am officially saying “happy new year” to my blog, since this is my first post in 2016. (I still write 2015 by default, I’m getting there).

I know I only posted once in December, and looking back I wish I’d been able to blog more! I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again this month. Especially since SO much is happening, January is going to be amazing!

My blogging plan for 2016 at this point is to post once a week. It’s a good realistic start, since I haven’t been the most consistent with posting for quite some time now. The end of 2015 got really spotty. 😛

I have discovered that for me, when it comes to blogging, it cannot be forced. If I don’t want to post, I’m not going to. It has to be something I enjoy, or else what’s the point? So while I do plan on trying to figure out a blog schedule that works for me this year, at the same time I’m going to be easy-going about it and not stress if I miss a month or two.

With that said, I feel like I need to update you all on some things, because it’s been a while AND there’s a lot going on at the moment.

The holidays were amazing. Ben and I spoiled each other big time for Christmas, my sisters and I had the most fun “Sister Christmas” ever,  and I didn’t miss a single day of Vlogmas. New Years was spent with Ben, just the two of us together, and was extra special because he usually tours during New Years Eve. So whenever we get to be together for it, I really treasure it.

With the start of 2016, I felt like my youtube channel needed a serious, all-around redo. I think that due to Vlogmas taking up my time every day in December, on top of all the other holiday whatnot, my main channel videos were just lacking my usual excitement and effort. I’m sure a lot of youtubers experience this if they do Vlogmas, because I’m telling you it really is no joke. The work spent behind the scenes to do it all really is a lot. Super fun, but a lot!

Anyway, I was really looking forward to making new content and getting excited about videos again and improving the overall quality of my channel this year. And it seemed like once 2016 hit, all the sudden I had so much inspiration, and video ideas, and passion to film and get things done – almost to the point where I was overwhelmed! I now have so many videos lined up that I’ve simply got to post two videos a week to fit them all in. So I’m loving this sort of refresh I’ve gotten, and I cannot WAIT for what’s in store on my channel this year.

And speaking of excitement… This happened yesterday! I was so excited!


We’ve hit 2K! AHHH!

Rather than making it a game of numbers, I see these milestones as so rewarding because there’s nothing more fun than doing something you love and sharing that with others. And that’s basically what my channel is: showing people things I’m loving, or just talking, sharing my opinion and things I enjoy. And PLANNING! Planner videos are by far my favorite.

I am currently planning a HUGE glamorous 2K giveaway, so that will be coming soon. I cannot wait to give back to 2,000 people that for some reason decided to hit subscribe.

January is already amazing and I haven’t even told you guys the half of it. More posts and updates to come, I’m certainly excited and I think 2016 is already off to such a positive, happy start for me.

See you in my next post!


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