Snow Photoshoot

Happy Monday!

Yesterday, I woke up to snow falling! It was the best way to start a cozy Sunday morning. 🙂

Growing up, snow got ALL the hype in my family. My siblings and I would freak out for hours and make it this huge ordeal. We’d say, “I can’t believe it’s snowing!” and “it’s so beautiful!” at least a hundred times. We’d go sledding and make snowmen and build paths in the snow and drink hot chocolate. We had the sleds, pink snow suits, hats, gloves, boots, layers upon layers, you name it. We were decked out and ready. Every time it snowed, it was a major event, that called for all the stereotypical “snow things” to be celebrated immediately.

I’ve held on to that childhood excitement and snow has never lost it’s magic for me.

That being said, yesterday morning (after my extreme excitement had settled), I thought to myself “If only I could have a girly photoshoot in the snow!” So I texted my sister Brynn (who is also still a major snow enthusiast) and suggested the idea (and of course, added that the day would end with starbucks and some shopping).

She was up for it, so away we went into the snow, with our cutest outfits, and our makeup and hair done. It was SO much fun. It was the perfect snow day! And we got so many cute photos.

I spontaneously snapped this picture, thinking it wouldn’t turn out to be anything, but I love it! I love anything that is “behind the scenes”, so I think this one turned out really cute (and can we appreciate Brynn’s nails… ON POINT):

By the time we got out into the snow, it had slowed down a lot. Also, the snow wasn’t sticking to the ground, so it was hard to find a really snowy background, but we didn’t mind! I can still see little snowflakes in my hair. 🙂

Brynn and I, with the snow in our hair!


It was such a great day with Brynn and I’m so glad we spent the first snow of the year like we did! We made an entire day of it and it was so much fun. 🙂


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