New Nails!

Over this past weekend, my sister introduced me to the most BEAUTIFUL nails, and it only took me a second to be convinced. I had to have them! So off we went.

Here’s what they looked like moments after I first had them on:

Absolutely love them! I like how they are so girly and dainty and almost wedding-esque. So my style when it comes to nails!

They really light up in the sunlight, the glitter is so pretty!

I’ve been having some challenges of course, since I’m not used to nails this long. But I’m adjusting and enjoying them so far!

Also, these are apparently considered the “Medium” length! They seem really long to me. I wonder what the “Long” looks like… O.o

Anyway, I’m obsessed! They are gorgeous and may be a game changer. I don’t know if I’ll go back to normal nails after this, I’m pretty hooked. I may try the “Short” ones next time – but so far, I am loving my fierce nails!


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