Heidi Swapp Personal Planner

I am finally sitting down to blog about my new planner love: my Heidi Swapp Personal Planner! So let’s get into the overview/review:

This is how it came in the box, and I love it. If you know me, you know gold is the way to my heart.

Here is the planner on it’s own, absolutely beautiful!

The Heidi Swapp Personal Planner is different because instead of the standard 6 rings, it has only 4. This was the top question asked about the planner from potential buyers that I observed (from Amazon, etc.). I do wish the rings were gold instead of silver, of course, but that’s a minor cosmetic detail that I can get over.

As far as 4 rings, I don’t mind – I have my hole punch so I can still customize it the same as I can with a 6 ring. It does limit what inserts you can buy on Etsy and such, because any 6 ring inserts do NOT fit in this planner – I’ve tried. It’s off by JUST enough that it won’t work.

As you can see above, the inside detailing is adorable! The gold polka-dots are metallic gold and shimmer in the light. The standard pockets and pen slip are there as well. Everything is well made and stitched perfectly!

Here was the first spread I decorated in the planner, and I added my own little insert on the left that matched perfectly (from a notepad from Target):

The inside colors of the planner spreads are pink and black stripes. I love that color combo to begin with, so I think it’s already cute enough to leave on it’s own!

You may be able to spot this in the picture above, and it’s definitely my biggest negative about the planner – it doesn’t separate Saturday and Sunday! I had to separate the days myself with a piece of washi, and then write “Sunday” on one side to distinguish between the two. Which of course made my space very limited.

The weekend is usually when everything is happening for me, and I always need equal space for each weekend day. So I see this as a really big downside, and pretty annoying. They could have used the pink header at the top of the page for another day instead, and that would have solved this issue. Alas.

Of course, there is a simple way to fix the problem, which I promptly discovered – since the pink dots on each day have no number written on them, you can customize each spread and pen in whatever days you please. You can even start your first day on the spread on a Wednesday if you’d like.

That’s what I ended up doing for this spread – It starts on a Wednesday so that I have plenty of space for this weekend, which is going to be a big one!

So overall, I am very happy with this planner! Of course there are a few negatives that may be worth considering before you purchase – but at least there is plenty of room to customize and fix to your liking.

Watch my review of the Heidi Swapp Planner HERE.

Watch me decorate the planner HERE.

I hope you all enjoyed this look inside my new planner!


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