Generation Beauty LA 2016

I still can’t believe I went to Generation Beauty! I am so thankful that I was able to go, it was the most amazing, fun experience! In this post I’ll tell you all about the event – my experience, tips, and advice! So let’s get started. 🙂

Here are my bags I took for the trip – My favorite bucket bag and my new weekender bag!

TIP: Bring a large purse to Generation Beauty. The larger the better!! You are always going to need more space. (I also brought a small purse, and NEVER used it. I am definitely bringing a tote next time!)

I had a layover in Boston – I live on the East Coast, so I was traveling across the entire US to get to California!

TIP: For long flights like mine, bring headphones, a device for entertainment, and a portable charger! Definitely essentials. I also kept a mini moisturizer and cleansing towlette in my purse – they were great to refresh my skin after all the flying!

My view from the plane!

Here is the Airbnb my sister and I stayed at – it was gorgeous! This view was beautiful. My sister was exploring LA while I was there for the Ipsy event!

TIP: Airbnb is a great option compared to the price of hotels. If hotels are too much for you, consider Airbnb (it’s extremely safe, and my sister and I split the cost and it was insanely cheap!)


On day one of Generation Beauty, I walked to LA Live with my sister (it was about a 10min walk from our Airbnb!) and we were trying to find the location as we walked through the Staples Center. A security guard saw us and was able to point us in the right direction.

As we were walking, a girl came up to us and asked if we were going to the event, and if we knew where it was. She ended up walking with me to the line, and we became instant friends. We spent the entire day together and had so much fun! I’m so glad I bumped into her.

ADVICE: Don’t be afraid to go to the event alone! I was nervous about it, wondering if I’d end up standing awkwardly by myself. But seriously, you make friends everywhere! I was constantly talking to people in the lines and meeting new people. I never felt alone once!

Waiting in line for the event to open! “Registration” started at 9am, and the doors to the event opened at 11am. You have to stand in line to get your registration pass, and then you continue in the line to wait to get in.

TIP: I woke up at 7am every morning, got ready, and then walked at 8am to LA Live. So I got to the line at about 8:15am or so. (The line was already about 50-100 people at that point. So if you want to be closer to the front of the line, I’d say get there at 7am or earlier.) However, once I was in line at 8:15, I had to wait an hour for Registration to open, and after that, everyone has to wait two MORE hours for the doors to open. That’s a long time, and I think I would’ve gone crazy if I’d been waiting in line since 7am. 8am was fine for me!!

Day one #ootd! There was this cute “pink carpet” display that you could take your picture in front of!

TIP: The event had basically no sitting space. You are walking, running, standing all day long. My feet killed at the end of the day! I saw so many girls in stiletto heels and was cringing. My feet hurt so bad, and I was wearing flats! WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Trust me, it will definitely save you.

On day one, I met Charmaine Dulak! She is one of my favorite youtubers and one of the people I really wanted to meet. I’m so glad I bumped into her! She was so sweet!

ADVICE: I was nervous to go up to Charmaine, because I hate interrupting people, and she looked busy. BUT, if you want to meet people, YOU have to make it happen. Everyone will always be “busy” at the event. Just go up to people and say hi! Everyone I approached was excited to meet me and didn’t mind at all.

Some of day one’s makeup loot! I purchased The Tarte brush and foundation, and the Too Faced Melted Lipstick was a freebie!

TIP: BRING CASH AND ONLY CASH. Credit cards were accepted at some booths, but most brands were only taking cash payments. My friend paid at Tarte with her card, but had to wait 30mins because their card processor was down, and it was a big ordeal, and she had to come back later to get her items. Skip the hassle and just use cash!

The adorable display at the Too Faced booth!

Michelle Phan had a meetup at the Ipsy Center, so everyone crowded around with their cameras and phones at the ready. It was so inspiring to hear her talk about her journey and experiences!



On day two, I had a game plan – head straight to the Makeup Forever booth! MUFE was ALWAYS packed. It was insane. And once I realized what their freebie was, I understood… They were giving you a fun “foundation makeover” at their cute Hollywood-glam makeup booths, and giving away a free full-sized foundation. I was in shock.

My makeup artist was so much fun, he was giving me tips on application and answering any questions I had. The whole thing was a blast!

The craziness at MUFE!!

They even were offering this cool feature, but I opted out because you had to wait 20mins for it! At the event, time is everything. I had to get in line elsewhere!

At 12:00pm, MUFE was hosting a meetup – for Christen Dominique and Belinda Selene! I knew I HAD to be there. So, after receiving my free foundation, I asked one of the volunteers where the meetup line was. She told me there wasn’t one yet, so she stood me in the line and said, “Ok, there’s the line, and you’re first!” I was thrilled.

I got this cute picture of my planner while I was waiting to meet the girls! 🙂 Oh, and you can see the makeup artist I had in the right corner! He was great.

Meeting Christen and Belinda was probably the highlight of my entire trip. Christen was so nice! Belinda was one of the first people I started watching on youtube – she inspired me to start my own youtube channel, and also introduced me to planners! She is the sweetest person and I love talking to her. I got her to sign my planner of course!

I didn’t document too much else, because after the meetup, I left the event early to hang out with my sister for the day! We both were flying out to different places that Sunday night. I got home early Monday morning, SO tired but still excited from the whole trip!

The sunrise as I arrived at my hometown airport!

After such an amazing trip and experience, there’s no way I’m ever going to miss Generation Beauty again! I can’t wait for next year.

Want to see everything I got? Watch my Generation Beauty Haul:



  1. oh my gosh, I want to go to generation beauty so bad! your trip looked like so much fun, and staying in an airbnb is amazing. hopefully next year I can make it! great post(:

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