New Sticker Storage!

Doing a little catch-up on the blog!

I recently realized that my planner collection, as large and crazy as it had gotten, was all out of sorts and completely disorganized. I store all my planner things in my desk, which has two drawers – and this system has always worked well for me. But lately, if I open either drawer, it’s just a whole tornado kind of situation. SO. I needed to reorganize, and I had the idea of also picking up a new storage piece to make my life easier.

Off I went to TJ Maxx – and I found the perfect item! It was exactly what I wanted.

First off, it’s white – so it matches my desk perfectly. And the glass panel detailing on the front is so my style! I was obsessed with it as soon as I saw it. And it was a steal, at only $14.99.

I am now using it to store my sticker sheets – which is so helpful! Stickers are what I use the most, and to have them laying on top of each other in my desk drawer, where I couldn’t see what I had, just wasn’t working. Plus I love having cute planner things on display!

This piece was the perfect combination of decoration and functionality. It’s classy and looks beautiful with all my other desk décor, and also fits my organizing needs perfectly for my stickers. This way I can see what I have and pull out sheets that I need easily!

I also uploaded a video on my Youtube channel all about reorganizing my supplies and my new sticker storage! You can watch it below:



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