My New Hair!

Over the years, I’ve really done it all with my hair: highlights, blonde underlayer, normal bangs, sideswept bangs, choppy layers, long, short, dyed it black, dyed it red – there’s nothing at this point that I feel like I want to do.

I like my natural hair color, and I like it to be either mid-length or long. Which is what I’ve had for around a year now.

I started getting the itch in February to change up my hairstyle – but at the same time, I wanted to keep my hair, for the most part, the same. Which makes no sense, I know. I was happy with my hair, but I wasn’t. Let me know if you’ve ever felt the same way!

I started browsing and looking for inspiration, and I came upon the perfect new look – so I booked an appointment with my hair stylist, and off I went!

She gave me exactly what I wanted and I am so happy with the result!

I cut off a few inches to get rid of the unhealthy ends, but it’s still long so I’m happy! And of course, the most noticeable change – my new bangs! I absolutely love them.

They’ve completely changed my look without having to really change much! Which is exactly what I was going for.

Still getting the hang of how to style them, but once I find the way that works perfectly for me, I’ll probably film a video about it. πŸ™‚

So happy about my new hairstyle! It’s just what I needed. What hairstyle have you always wanted to try? Are you happy with your hair at the moment?


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