I’m Back: 2017 Updates


Hello 2017!

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my last post. Actually, I can. I totally fell off the blog-wagon last year. I basically fell off the wagon of everything last year actually, in terms of creativity. But more on that later.

It’s 2017, and I’m ready to make blogging a priority again. I probably said that last year too, but this year my creativity is back, which was definitely the missing piece in 2016. So here’s to the hope that I stick with this!

I’m going to address this topic in a future video on my youtube channel, but last year was definitely my biggest rut yet. And it was the worst kind – a creative rut. I LOVE being creative. In fact, I don’t think I go a day without creating SOMETHING. Creativity – whether it be decorating my planner, redoing my desk with new décor, planning, writing lists in my Inspiration Notebook, filming videos, editing videos, or even editing photos for Instagram – is, as a whole, my passion. Pretty much all of my hobbies involve being creative in some way. So to lose that is a serious problem for me.

There are several factors that now, looking back, I know contributed to my year in a creative rut. But let’s talk about this year. Because I am really, REALLY excited about it!

I’ve redesigned my YouTube channel, first of all, and I’m loving how it looks! Pop on over to have a peek if you wish 😉 In terms of videos, I have SO many ideas that I’ve jotted down. Go subscribe if you want to be notified when I upload! 🙂

For this blog, I’d like to start posting once or twice a week. That’s my rough plan for right now, and my posting days will be Tuesday and Friday.

I’m so inspired and so happy to be coming up with ideas that excite me again. I’ve got a LOT of content coming! You can also follow my socials if you want to keep up with me anywhere else (see my Socials tab).

I hope everyone’s having a great year so far; here’s to getting my creative juices back and to a successful, inspiring 2017!




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