My Story: Going Vegan

I’m writing this post to officially talk about my journey going (and being) vegan! I have gushed about this a LOT on my youtube and other socials, but haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet!


Let’s start at the beginning…

Last summer, my sister Brynn and I were very focused on our health, diet, and lifestyle. We both knew we needed to make some major changes, and that we probably wouldn’t have the motivation to do it alone, so we became gym and food buddies.

I’m proud to say that I achieved every goal I had in those four months. It was the first time a lifestyle change/exercise plan REALLY worked for me, and I KNOW it’s because I had my bestie doing it with me. The buddy system is real!

At the start of last year, my sister had also decided to become a vegetarian. She was really into it and loving it, always telling me about the new restaurants and recipes she discovered.

Toward the end of the summer and our months of striving toward our goals, Brynn decided to go vegan – and a few days later, I followed!

There were two videos I watched, only two, that made me vegan on the spot. I didn’t research for weeks, I didn’t watch 20 vegan debates. Two videos and I was IN.

I had been trying out being a vegetarian for about a week prior to going vegan, so I was already a week in without meat and already really liking that. But once I saw those two videos, it just clicked. And the next day I was vegan and never looked back.

As for it being difficult, or having any issues going “cold turkey” vegan, my answer is: Nope. No issues. Not a single one! And because this is a huge thing, I’ll mention it – I didn’t have any cravings for cheese. Zero.

I will say that over time, I’ve had a few cravings here and there, but not for a certain non-vegan food. It’s always just the texture of something I’ll want. But nowadays, there are SO many amazing, delicious vegan alternatives, and when I have a craving for a certain texture of food, I’ve been able to find the vegan version just fine.

Going vegan, and BEING vegan, isn’t hard in the slightest. The media has just created the stereotype that it is. The only “difficult” part of going vegan is knowing what you’re doing, so that you make sure you are eating ENOUGH and getting everything your body needs from different foods. That part does require some research and more knowledge. But I also definitely learned as I went, and just listened to my body. I didn’t make it into some massive stressful ordeal. And I got the hang of it in no time, like anything else you decide to start.

Seven months later, I am as excited about being vegan as I was on day 1. I just love it. It is definitely a lifestyle for me, because veganism has spread to other areas of my life: a new respect + love for all animals, and also only purchasing products that are cruelty-free and vegan.

Watch the FULL story of my transition here:


And also my 1-Month Update:


I have a whole playlist on my channel that includes all of my vegan videos!

So many people have asked if I’m just trying this out, or if I miss cheese (for the millionth time, NO), but the truth is I know this is the lifestyle I want to live, permanently. It’s been the best journey and learning experience!

If you are interested in the vegan lifestyle, I definitely recommend watching the first two videos I linked in this post, because they not only sold me on going vegan, but also educated me on so many things.

I really think that the future of the world is veganism, and it makes me happy to see that it’s becoming a bigger and bigger movement. Restaurants are including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, vegan products at grocery stores are increasing, and so many people are realizing the benefits it can bring to our health, animals, and the planet.

On that note, I’ll end this post here… before I keep ranting on! 😉

See you all in my next post!




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