Desk Makeover: Sneak Peek

Today is a super gloomy, cold, rainy type of day… to fit the mood, I’m currently listening to Birdy (her album Beautiful Lies is the PERFECT rainy day soundtrack).

Today I wanted to share some sneak peek photos of my new desk theme! If you’ve watched my videos for a while or know me, then you KNOW I am obsessed with decorating my desk, and re-doing it for each season. I’m constantly changing it to fit the time of year or a certain vibe.

This year I’m all about a dreamy/pastel/whimsical theme. If you’ve seen any previous desk tours of mine, you’d see that gold has ALWAYS been my favorite color. I can never get enough gold. BUT, it’s a new year – and it looks like I’ve become obsessed with a new color scheme. Move over gold, pink has taken center stage.


I love this little section on my desk! My new speckled pink glass jar holds all of my makeup brushes, and my new pink floral storage box displays all of my binder planners perfectly. The two cute drawers also hold all of the makeup I constantly use.


Target has been coming out with TOO MANY CUTE MUGS. They get me every time. So far I’ve managed to only buy three…. this striped pink one caught my eye, and I decided to put some tissue paper in it and have it hold all of my cute planner pens.

The white ceramic box beside it was too cute to pass up! I love that the handle is a little gold heart.


I had a gap on this side of my desk, so I decided to fill it with some of my favorite shopping bags. I was debating if the Sephora bag fit the theme, but it adds a nice pop to the pastels and soft white and pink colors.

I may do a desk tour in the next week or so, so I won’t go into crazy detail here about where every little thing is from. But I’m in love with my new setup and think it fits my mood for the start of this year perfectly.

That’s it for today’s post – I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!




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