Weekly Recap


It’s 9am as I’m writing this, and I’ve already made a sneaky order on Etsy for some planner stickers. I mean… there was a sale. 😉

If you follow me on twitter, you’d know that I postponed today’s video that was supposed to go live on my channel – it’ll be up on Friday instead, with an accompanying blog post. Since that blog post has moved to Friday, I’m starting off Tuesday with another casual post just to recap the last week or two.

My sister visited for the weekend, which was super fun! We finally went to this restaurant in the city that she’s always told me about, but I’ve never gotten around to going. And I have to say, it’s worth the hype! I loved it. They have a menu with plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians, so I had lots to choose from.

I settled on a veggie-chicken (faux meat) sandwich with lettuce and tomato, with fries and a side of sweet chili sauce. You might think sweet chili sauce is an odd topping for a sandwich, but I wanted to see if the flavors would mesh well, and they actually did!


The meal was delicious – for example, my plate was spotless. Not a crumb left, it was that good. I’m definitely planning to eat at this place again soon!

I’ve been making quite often trips to Target lately for one thing or another (but that’s not new really, I mean Target is a girl’s second home), and on one shopping trip I finally remembered to buy myself some new eyeliner. My last two are completely dried out.

Eyeliner is one of those products I use up SO fast, so I just can’t bring myself to spend $30 for one each time. I know high-end brands are better quality, but I’ve found so many drugstore alternatives that work just as well, for much cheaper.

I decided to try one by Wet N Wild and another one by Nyx – both companies are cruelty-free, and the majority of their products are also vegan. 🙂 Nyx is probably my favorite drugstore brand because it’s good quality, affordable, and vegan-friendly.

So far I’ve tried the eyeliner by Nyx and I really like it! I chose the waterproof version because that’s always my preference so that it lasts longer. I’ll have to try the Wet N Wild one next; we’ll see how it goes because I’ve had a few fails with their products before. But the brand is so cheap, it’s worth investigating, even if you only find a keeper every once in a while.


Okay, if you saw my last post, you’ll recognize these shopping bags. 😉

I’ve been in such a shopping mood, and this happens every January. I think it’s because Christmas has just died down, and my birthday is coming up, and I usually get lots of gift cards for Christmas because everyone in my life knows I love to shop. 😉


To my surprise, I didn’t find ANY good candles at Bath & Body Works when I went recently. Am I the only one? I picked up some bath products, but I’ll definitely need to check out their candle selection again. Hopefully next time something will catch my eye.

My husband and I have already mapped out our big trip this year! Every year for our anniversary we go on a vacation for a week to celebrate. Last year we went to Las Vegas, and we had so much fun that we’re going to go again this year. I can’t wait!

I bought a matching lounge set from a hotel gift shop last time, and I’ve been OBSESSED with it ever since. It’s super comfy and also really cute – the style is very similar to Victoria’s Secret PINK. I’m wearing the sweatpants in this photo:


The hoodie sweatshirt is also purple with the same styled stripes, and it has the same font on the back that says LAS VEGAS. I actually have a whole video on my channel on the outfit!

When we go back this year I’m definitely going to search for another matching set to add to my collection. 😉 We’ve picked out our hotel and everything, I’m so excited! Last year we stayed at the Luxor and really enjoyed it, but this year we’re trying a new hotel that’s closer to the main area of The Strip.

That’s all my recaps for this post – stay tuned for my next one on Friday! I’ve also got SO many exciting posts coming up next week and in February. Make sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss out. 😉

Happy Tuesday everyone!




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