iPhone 7 & New Makeup!

Happy Friday!

Every time I take a break from blogging, I miss it so much! Last week I was sick with a stomach virus. 😦 But I’m back to my regular blogging schedule, and I’m excited about the content I have planned!

Today I wanted to talk about a few new things I’m excited about. First, I finally upgraded to the iPhone 7!

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I absolutely love it. I previously had the 6 in the color gold, but I definitely wanted the rose gold color once I saw it! I feel like it’s so me.

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Rose gold has been my FAVORITE recently, I know I mentioned in an earlier post that pink had become my new #1, but now I’ve moved on to rose gold. It’s just the most gorgeous color!

Speaking of rose gold, I’ve really been wanting to branch out and try new makeup. Specifically, new lipstick colors.

I always stick to my staple shades: nudes, browns, nude pinks, mauves – definitely a more natural but still accentuated lip. I’ve been on the nude-toned train for a while now, and I’ve also only been using liquid lipsticks, because the hype is still real. 😉

But with my new love for rose gold, I decided to branch out and try to find the perfect rose gold lipstick. Naturally, this meant a trip to Sephora.

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I bought a new beauty blender, because my old one was falling apart… I decided to get the nude one because the pink one had a tendency to bleed sometimes, which I didn’t like.

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Okay, how GORG is this lipstick? My hand was covered with swatches of different lip liners and lipsticks, I was having way too much fun trying to find the best color combo! But this lipstick totally won me over.

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It’s an Urban Decay Vice Lipstick, in the shade Trick. Urban Decay is cruelty-free, and this shade is also vegan!

Applying this really made me realize how much I miss lipstick formulas. It’s so creamy and buttery and smooth! I love how comfortable it is on my lips.

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The color is a metallic pink with copper shimmer. I love how the shade can pull more gold or pink depending on which liner you use with it!

The lip liner I chose to pair with it is also by Urban Decay (and it’s vegan). The shade is “Insanity”. It’s described as a soft warm nude, and it caught my eye because of it’s rosy-pink color.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I pretty much swatched every Urban Decay lip liner in Sephora and finally decided that Insanity was the perfect match for Trick. I love how they look together!

Here I am wearing both lip products, and the color is exactly what I was going for!


Those are all the items I wanted to chat about, so I will see you all in a new post next week! Leave a comment letting me know which type of blog post you like best?




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