Friday Chat

Not gonna lie, it’s 11:36 on Friday as I’m writing this – due to my crazy work schedule I’ve been behind on having my blog posts prepared! But I did NOT want to miss posting this week, so hopefully this is finished and live on my blog around 12. 😉

It’s crazy that another week has flown by, we’re already close to the end of March… Time is flying and the busy season at work is making it seem to go by even faster.

Since I’ve been working a lot of overtime, I really use the weekend as my weekly motivation to keep me going (and coffee, obviously).


I recently got some new stickers in the mail for my planner, and that’s what this week’s video was about on my channel!


If you want to watch the video, it’ll be linked at the end of this post. 🙂 I’ve found plenty of new etsy shops that I LOVE and also, I talk about the latest happenings that I’ve been seeing in the planner community! So if you’re a planner addict, this video is for you. 😉


This weekend is going to be super chill – but honestly, that’s how every weekend is for me. I like to spend my time off relaxing at home, or hanging out at a coffee shop and reading, decorating my planner, or planning my next week. I get my nails done, take bubble baths with candles, binge watch Gilmore Girls, stock up on groceries, tidy the apartment, play with my kittens, do some shopping at Target, or just take a drive somewhere simply to listen to music in my car… a bunch of simple things, but that’s how I like my weekends. 🙂


I found these candles at AC Moore for $3 each! I can’t believe the price. They are totally dupes of Bath & Body Works, and in my opinion they burn the same and the scents are really nice!

How do you like to spend your weekends? Let me know in the comments!!

Here is this week’s video:

That’s it for this post, like I said at the beginning it was a bit last minute but I was in a chatty mood anyway. 🙂

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a good weekend – and happy St. Patrick’s Day!




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