Last weekend, I decided to drive up to see my sister for the day! Because honestly, we never last long before we need to see each other. 😛

She lives in NOVA, or, northern Virginia, which is a few hours north from me. I drove up in the morning and thankfully didn’t have any bad traffic, and the drive actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was listening to my favorite music playlist the whole way, so I think that helped!

Once I got there, we immediately went to get coffee (duh, it’s me, so.) because I needed a pick-me-up after the drive. And yes, in the picture below I’m very aware of how large my trenta looks compared to my sister’s grande frapp…

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We managed to snag a table even though it was the busy time of the morning, and it was pretty crowded. It was so nice to be able to catch up in person – phone calls and texts just aren’t the same.

Side note: there was a lady that kept glaring at me whenever I happened to catch eyes with her, but then when I finally decided to stare back at her and hold eye contact, she smiled sweetly at me? So odd.

Anyway, this Starbucks is so cute, I always love visiting it! It’s tucked between really cute shops that always have cute decorations or lights strung up.

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For lunch, there were definitely plenty of options, since my sister has lived in NOVA for a while now and knows all of the best vegan spots.

We decided on a Chinese place, even the name is so cute! Brynn was raving about it and how good it was. It serves so many vegan options that look delicious!

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Brynn and I both got the Sesame TVP. OMG SO GOOD. It tasted so similar to chicken, it was crazy. That was my first time trying TVP and I really liked it! Ugh just looking at this picture makes me crave it again!

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I can’t remember what Brynn’s boyfriend got, but his dish looked amazing as well. We all ate until we were stuffed, and still had leftovers! I barely put a dent in my white rice.

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Overall I would definitely recommend this place, the food was perfect for a vegan-friendly Chinese food fix. One of my favorite things before going vegan was sesame or general tso’s chicken, so being able to have a vegan version is always a happy moment for me. 😉

After lunch, we decided to go to the mall to possibly buy some new clothes for our upcoming vaca in May. It took us twice as long to get to the mall because there was a HUGE accident and traffic was backed up for miles. Later that day we saw a tow truck hauling away two completely smashed cars, I hope everyone involved was okay.

Sadly, we didn’t find a single thing at the mall. I don’t know what was up but all the stores were playin us, so we left empty handed.

At this point we’d walked off our lunch and were about ready for another pick-me-up, and we happened to find a vegan-friendly boba tea kiosk in the mall!

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I got a Mango boba slush, and Brynn got a Honeydew boba slush. It was exactly what we needed after all of the unsuccessful shopping. 😉

At this point it was already mid afternoon, and I had planned to leave around 5:30 so that I’d still get home before it was dark out. As our last activity of the day, we took a long walk through a nearby park. My faux fur slides weren’t exactly suited for walks through the woods, but they held up pretty well, considering.

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We took some photos before we left the park, and they turned out so cute! It was such a nice day out, and we passed a couple with their daughter getting their pictures taken as well. They looked like the cutest little family!

I posted this picture to my Instagram, which is linked in the sidebar to the right if you want to see more of my photos! 🙂

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To see my sister’s Instagram, CLICK HERE. We both definitely have themes for our pages, I would seriously recommend checking out Brynn’s if you’re into foodie accounts because her IG is like a vegan heaven!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

That was pretty much my day in NOVA, after we left the park I had to drive home. 😦 But it was the perfect little daytrip and it was a Saturday well spent!

Let me know if you like more of these types of lifestyle blogs, and I’ll see you in a post next week!




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